‘RODNICHOK’ Company produces its metal siding on new, completely automated production line.

These are long and light panels with width of 120-300 mm. No special skills are needed to perform their installation. Metal siding panels and all relevant accessories can be custom-made according to dimensions requested by our clients.


  1. Metal siding is made of nontoxic and nonflammable material which is resistant to influence of atmosphere and aggressive substances.
  2. Metal siding does no change colour, is resistant to corrosion and does not crack under influence of low temperatures.
  3. There is no need to paint metal siding or to renovate it during its whole service life.
  4. It is enough to wash dirty siding panels with water from a hose. Your house will look like new again!
  5. Wide range of colours, variability of profiles and decorations combinations, availability of various siding accessories provide a possibility of complete facade redesigning of any building with its general style unaltered as well as a possibility to create modern architectural projects.
  6. Metal siding does not totally enclose the building walls and lets the facade ‘breathe’.

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