As of today, ‘RODNICHOK’ Company produces 3 types of metal roofing tiles, CLASSIC, MODERN and SUPERB.

Metal roofing tiles is a modern, light, durable and easy-to-mount roofing material. Today all producers of roofing materials purchase painted metal in rolls and shape it on their equipment. Thus, quality of end products depends almost completely on quality of metal sheets. Only plants that are leaders in the field of metal production are able to manufacture sheet metal of high quality and to properly cover it by a polymeric material. In 2002 ‘RODNICHOK’ concluded a contract with famous French company ‘MYRIAD’ ( on supply of painted metal in rolls covered by protective polyethylene foil of two types: polyester and matt polyester with the thickness of 0.5 mm. French sheet metal is well known worldwide by its ideal coating, durableness and corrosion-resisting characteristics.

Apart from metal sheets type, equipment and production method are of great importance for end product quality. Our shaping equipment allows absolute exactness of pattern application on sheets which means that the client of ‘RODNICHOK’ Company will never encounter any issues during roofing installation.


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