‘RODNICHOK’ Company manufactures metal RAINWATER AND DRAIN SYSTEMS on Polish equipment ‘BUDMAX’.
Main characteristics and advantages of these rainwater and drain systems are:

  • Quality. The system is made of high quality steel with durable coating on both sides;
  • Resistance to corrosion. Polyester with thickness of 75 micrometers is used as protective and decorative coating;
  • Resistance to low temperatures. Plastic coating (polyester) of rainwater and drain systems is able to withstand huge differences in temperatures from -50o С to +120o С, thus making it suitable for use in any climate.
  • Simple and fast installation. Component elements and accessories make it possible to install virtually any rainwater and drain system without special skills and knowledge – installation manual is everything you’ll need.

Colour range: white, brown and red.

Gutter diameter – 125 mm, pipe diameter – 90 mm.


Andrew Zaplachinskii

Тел: +38 067 372 70 39
E-mail: zal7039@mail.ru