As of today, ‘RODNICHOK’ Company produces 5 types of profiled metal sheets.
Profiled metal sheets are steel sheets that are bent to form a trapezium-shape profile. The profiled metal sheets are made from high quality galvanized steel with polymer coating.

Profiled metal sheets is one of the most economical materials suitable for exterior and interior finish of walls, dwelling house ceilings, production facilities and/or public buildings. Profiled metal sheets have been very popular in Western Europe for a long time. Technology of this process is simple: at first a metal frame is constructed, after that the frame is covered by profiled metal sheets, the internal surface is provided with heat insulation and then the frame is finally covered with profiled metal sheets from the inside. The majority of hangars, parking lots, airport terminals, seaport buildings, warehouses are built exactly by this way; brick walls, plaster and wall paint are considered to be outdated.

Advantages of profiled metal sheets:

simple and easy installation;
high resistance to corrosion;
long service life;
saving of materials at construction;
no maintenance costs;
convenient transportation.


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