In 2005 ‘RODNICHOK’ Company set up production of vibrocompressed pavement tiles. Tiles are manufactured at a modern fully automated German production line ‘HENKE’ with a production rate of 1000 square meters per day. The tiles can be tinted by «Bayer» colouring agents (Germany) with ten different colors which makes the tiles suitable for designers and freeze-resistant additives make the material resistant to self-destruction at subzero air and ground temperatures.

The peculiarity of our tiles is their unique rough surface formed by addition of colouring agents and finely crushed granite particles into the upper layer; this prevents slipping of soles and tyres in winter. For production of tiles a special hydraulic press with pressure capacity of 210 bars is used. It allows production of tiles, which are several times stronger than cast tiles. ‘RODNICHOK’ Company manufactures two types of tiles: ‘Elegant’ with the thickness of 60 mm which is used for covering of pavements/sidewalks and ‘Functional’ with the thickness of 80-100 mm which is distinguished by its high durability and can be used for covering of surfaces intended for heavy transport vehicles traffic.

Tiles of more than twenty-five forms, two types of curbs, i.e. road and sidewalk curbs, which are manufactured on the same equipment, as well as modern drainage systems are offered in the Company’s trading areas.



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