Fencing boards are made by ‘RODNICHOK’ Company from Italian sheet metal ‘Marcegaglia’ on equipment manufactured in 2015.

Width: 105 mm.
Length: any length according to your order.

Wide range of colours is always available. Order fulfilment term: 2 days.

Metal board fencing is relatively new product at the market. However, it has already won approval of both professional construction companies and private persons. It is no surprise as metal board fence has a number of advantages and metal boards used for installation of such fence are distinguished from other products in this market niche by their high quality. So what are peculiarities of metal board fencing? What are these important differences from other fencing types?

  • As opposed to solid blind fences, metal board fencing softly fits into general area design. It will not shade the territory or create uncomfortable closed space.
  • Metal board fence is rather durable and fulfills its protective functions very well. It helps to prevent undesired intrusion to your land plot of a trespasser and almost completely prevents intrusion of big wild animals.
  • Metal board fence needs virtually no maintenance. A metal board is covered by high quality polymeric paint already at production stage. In addition, it is made of lasting galvanized metal.
  • You can choose among wide range of colours and tints at construction of a metal board fence which means that there are no limits of territory design.
  • It is easy to transport, its installation is rather simple and fast.

Due to these advantages metal board fencing has wide application range. It can be used for fencing of cottages, office buildings, bungalows, holiday houses etc. Such a fence helps to create comfortable surroundings at any territory. Despite low costs of its installation metal board fence has excellent functional characteristics; that is why it’s increasingly often preferred over the variety of other fencing types.


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