Expanded clay blocks are produced on German equipment of the ‘HESS’ company, which is well known as a manufacturer of professional equipment for construction material production.

Raw materials for expanded clay blocks are expanded clay aggregate (expanded and burnt clay), water and cement. Burnt layer covering an expanded clay aggregate makes it solid. Being extremely strong and light expanded clay aggregate is a main kind of porous filling for this type of blocks.

An advantage of expanded clay blocks is their size (one block is as big as 10-14 bricks) and small weight in comparison to other wall building materials. It allows performing of construction 3-5 times faster, involving less labour force and spending less on additional building materials.

Owing to their structure expanded clay blocks have better sound and thermal insulating characteristics than concrete and display higher chemical resistance to influence of such aggressive environments as solutions of sulphates, caustic alkaline, carbonic acid and so on; applying of fractionated filling results in considerable reducing of buildings weight.

Expanded clay blocks are used for building of load-carrying structures in housing construction, civil engineering and industrial construction.


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